Admission Policy


If more applications are received than there are seats available, the school will hold a randomized lottery to determine which applicants are offered a seat for enrollment. All applications submitted within the application window will be referred into the lottery, assuming an application is not a duplicate submission and is otherwise eligible to attend the school. The application window for enrollment for the 2022-2023 school year is September 24, 2021 through January 24, 2022.


The lottery for the 2022-2023 school year will be conducted on February 9, 2022. Priority will be given to siblings of students that are currently attending. The lottery will be conducted by the school on the Apply Philly Charter system.  


Upon application submission, each applicant is automatically assigned a random lottery number. When the lottery is run, it will take the following into account: first, the priority group an applicant falls into, and, second, the applicant’s random lottery number. Seats will first be offered to applicants who fall into the first priority group in order of lowest random lottery number to highest. The lottery will then offer seats to applicants in the second, third, etc. priority groups in order of random lottery number, until the number of available seats has been exhausted. Applicants who were not offered a seat through the lottery will be waitlisted in order of their priority group first, and their random lottery number second.


Applicants who were offered a seat through the lottery will be notified on February 11, 2022 via email through Apply Philly Charter. Applicants will also be able to log-in to their Apply Philly Charter accounts to view their application results. Applicants who were offered a seat through the lottery will have until March 11, 2022 to accept their seat offer on Apply Philly Charter by clicking “accept” in their Apply Philly Charter accounts. Applicants will then be required to submit enrollment paperwork to the school by April 11, 2022. Enrollment paperwork will not be collected through Apply Philly Charter. WAITINGLIST -OFFERS: Paperwork for students selected throughout the year for enrollment will have a two week turn-around time; Parents must respond within two weeks from the date they are offered a seat off the waiting list.


Parents/guardians will be notified via email through Apply Philly Charter as to whether or not a child has been admitted. If a child is not admitted within that school year, a parent/guardian must re-apply for the lottery for the next school year.


In order to apply for Kindergarten children must be 5 Years of age by September 1st of the school year for which they are applying.

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Selection Process
With regard to the selection process, no student shall be discriminated against for any reason including race, gender, national origin, disability, religion, political views, immigration status or sexual preference. Furthermore, the school will not discriminate on the basis of intellectual ability, athletic prowess, measures of scholastic achievement or aptitude, or proficiency in the 
English or Spanish language. 
Parents and Guardians must complete the application for registration and comply with all other registration requirements. Academic transcripts and all other records from schools previously attended are requested for admission. Upon admission to the school, a complete Physical Examination conducted by a Primary Health-Care Provider will be requested along with a copy of the child’s Medical Record
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Acceptable Proof of Age & Residency Examples:
Enrollment materials can submitted in a few different ways: