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Homework & Technology Policies


Homework assignments as well as research projects, are intended to expand and reinforce learning skills presented in class. Generally, homework is assigned Monday through Thursday. However, students may be assigned homework on a Friday to be completed over the weekend. It is expected that students complete all homework whenever assigned.

Parental interest in homework is also expected. Parents must play an integral part in ensuring that students complete their assignments in a timely and neat manner each night. Each time a student does not complete a homework assignment, his/her overall grade will suffer and they are also subject to disciplinary consequences. *Please note that every three disciplinary notes your child receives, they may receive a suspension from school. The school will require a mandatory meeting with the parent/child, and the Dean, School Director or designee.



One of the most important curricular objectives of the Antonia Pantoja Charter School is to provide its students with the technological expertise to assist them in the completion of well researched projects, and in problem solving through learning to access primary sources of information from around the world. Students will be encouraged to learn the basic skills through the use of software, which shall reinforce concepts learned in the grades and across the curriculum. The computer lab provides a base for study, research and basic skills review as well as for test preparation.

Teachers also use the computer resources available to enhance their lesson plan preparation and teaching. Antonia Pantoja Charter School will integrate technology into all areas of the curriculum including Reading, Writing, Language Arts, Science, Art, Math, and Social Studies. Each classroom will be equipped with at least 2 computers that are connected to the Internet. The school will have a fully equipped technology lab, which will allow the students to learn more advanced computer skills and apply these to do research. Teachers will receive training on how to integrate technology into all content areas including English as a Second Language.

Teachers will also learn to utilize other means of technology such as overheads, power point, etc. to enhance their teaching. The older children (grades 6-8) will also learn to use these programs to enhance their academic work and presentations. Mandatory compliance with all legal statutes, which govern Internet use, includes: not downloading sexually explicit material or conducting personal business at school. Internet use must correspond to the current subject content, lesson, the academic program, and performance standards as clearly stated in lesson plans. Teachers and administration can and will monitor students’ use of computers and the Internet and report any violations for disciplinary action.

Click the link below to download the full Pantoja Handbook for a complete list of school policies, guidelines and expectations of parents & students.